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Mercury free dentistry

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

At PS Dental Care, our dentist in Soho is happy is offer all our patients mercury free dentistry. Mercury is known to leak through traditional fillings (known as amalgam fillings). Although this is yet to be clinically proven to show a significant risk to health, there is a growing opinion that the use of amalgam should be phased out of dentistry.

Mercury free dentistry

Many patients report feeling significantly better from a whole host of conditions, after removal of their traditional amalgam fillings. Your dentist in Soho will aim to avoid the use of mercury fillings and replace them instead for other restorative tooth-coloured materials that are mercury free.

Dental hygiene

Your dentist in Soho will always recommend keeping oral hygiene high, to lower the risk of needing any serious dental treatments. It is extremely important to realise just how fundamental your dental health is.

If you are not looking after your teeth, then this may lead to tooth decay. Poor dental health can also cause a host of other problems. It can lead to bad breath, gum disease and gingivitis, as well as many other problems.

There is also some evidence to suggest that people with poor dental hygiene are more likely to suffer from heart problems. Cleaning and flossing your teeth is an easy habit to get into and one that could significantly help your overall health and wellbeing.

What else to consider

If you are serious about looking after your teeth, your dentist in Soho is here to help. What you eat and drink can have serious effects on your oral health, both for good and bad reasons.

Eating fruit after a meal, such as an apple, can help to clean your teeth and will stimulate natural defenses in your mouth. Also, you could try sugar-free chewing gum, which can have the same effect. It will also help to keep your breath fresh during the day.

It is also useful to remind yourself that your dentist in Soho is here to help. You need to make sure that you see them at least twice every year. If required, your dentist in Soho, can also refer you to a dental hygienist, who specialises in oral hygiene.

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