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What is a dental bridge?

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

A bridge is used to restore a gap caused by one or more missing teeth. They literally bridge the gap. A bridge is a tailor-made precision denture that is cemented over your tooth or implant to completely cover it and restore an adjacent gap.

All ceramic bridges at PS Dental Care dentist in Soho are individually crafted to provide a beautiful aesthetic result.

dental bridge

Do I need a bridge?

A PS Dental Care bridge addresses both aesthetic and functional needs. Gaps at the front of your mouth have a poor cosmetic appearance and may affect your speech and even ability to eat properly.

Missing teeth further back in your mouth may provide significant limits to your diet. This can therefore reduce pleasure and enjoyment associated with food and potentially with social occasions.

Our dentist in Soho may also be able to offer you bridge work, as an alternative to your unstable and unsightly loose dentures, providing you with the confidence to smile, eat, laugh and speak as normal again.


A bridge is fixed in your mouth. This means you don’t have the worry of taking it out to clean. It is very important that you look after it and follow the special cleaning advice for bridges. Your dentist in Soho at PS Dental Care will help you with your aftercare routine to ensure a healthy bridge for many years to come. Studies have shown that fixed bridgework is predictable, durable and can last a considerable length of time. Bridges can last you up to 15 years with proper oral health care.

A dental bridge can also benefit from being less invasive to alternative options, such as dental implants. They require one or more surgical procedures to place the implants. You may also require bone grafting if you have insufficient natural bone available. For anyone who is unable to undergo implant surgery for medical reasons, it can be a great fixed alternative.

Find out more today

If you believe at bridge could be the dental treatment you need, give PS Dental Care a call to arrange your first appointment and ask our dentist in Soho what the right tooth replacement is for you.

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