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How can I reclaim my smile with Soho Dental Implants?

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

Dental implants are a way for many patients to reclaim their smile. The feeling of confidence that comes with having a full set of teeth is incomparable. This is the feeling that we aim to give all of our patients looking for dental implants in Soho. The procedure can be carried out under anaesthetic and could be more affordable than you think. Recent developments in dental implant technology mean that state of the art tooth technology is now available at a reasonable cost. In addition to this there are various payment plans available to patients to help spread the cost and make the feeling of confidence that comes with a full beaming smile a reality again for patients with a missing tooth or missing teeth.

Soho Dental Implants

A dental implant is suitable for most patients who have enough bone in the jaw at the place where the implant is to be inserted, and even in some cases patients without bone could be suitable for a bone graft so it is really never too late! Patients interested in dental implant treatments should visit us at our practice in Soho. Dental implants are not only a great solution for the problem of missing teeth however, they are also made from titanium, which is the best material for the surrounding bone, and once implanted, the bone will fuse to the titanium implants forming a solid replacement root for your new prosthetic tooth.

What happens after I decide to opt for dental implants in Soho?

Once you make the decision to have dental implants, you will have a preliminary consultation where we will check suitability and also measure the dimensions of your mouth and likely take an X-ray in order to plan out where the implant will be fitted. After this initial session, you will come again for a session where the titanium implant is implanted into your jawbone, the crown may be added at the same time or it may be added later on during the 4-6 months required for healing after the surgery to place the implant into the jaw. Once your crown has been placed also, and the recovery period has passed, you can use your implanted tooth as you would a normal tooth and enjoy the freedom of restored dental health and function!

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