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The convenience of dental implants in Soho, London

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

If you commute into London, to work in and around Oxford Street, then PS Dental Care can offer you the convenience of dental implants in Soho, within minutes of your workplace.

PS Dental Care, in the heart of Soho, is within two minutes walk of two tube stations, and numerous bus routes. Our highly trusted dentists use only the latest in dental technologies and equipment, and listen carefully to their patients’ dental needs.

Dental implants in Soho are a lasting way of replacing one or more missing teeth. Many commuters find it is helpful to use a dental implant dentist in Soho for this treatment, rather than having to return to their home town each time they need to attend the dentist for the next stage of their dental implant treatment. The simplest of implants will take three visits.

Dental implants in Soho

The first is a consultation, during which the dentist will closely examine the mouth for other oral health issues, and to make sure the mouth and jaw can take implants. Once this has been established, the dentist works out a written treatment plan, and the procedure can begin.

The second stage is fitting the dental implants. Dental implants, which continue to be the solution of choice for people with missing teeth, are tiny posts which are screwed into the jaw bone, filling the gap left by the root of the tooth that was lost.

This is a surgical procedure, and the next stage is several weeks of healing for the gums and bone. During this important stage of the process, the bone tissue in the jaw grows around the tooth, anchoring it securely into the jaw.

Once healing is far enough advanced, stage four of the dental implant treatment process is the fitting of custom-made artificial teeth, dentures or bridges, depending on the number of teeth that need to be replaced.

These ceramic artificial teeth will have been made especially for the patient. Great care is taken to match the new teeth with the colour and shape of the patient’s natural teeth. Once fitted, the new teeth can be treated just like natural teeth. And as dental implants are remarkably durable, many patients find they even forget they have them.


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