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How a cosmetic dentist can quickly enhance your smile

A cosmetic dentist has many tricks up his or her sleeve designed to quickly improve the appearance of your smile. PS Dental Care in Soho believes that everyone deserves a beautiful, radiant smile of which they can be proud. If you are less than happy with the current appearance of yours, why not join us for a consultation at our Soho dental practice?

Shockingly, nearly half (48%) of the UK population are dissatisfied with the way their smile looks. From discoloured teeth to misaligned teeth, excess gum tissue to gaps in their smile line, there are numerous reasons people decide to visit a cosmetic dentist.

Cosmetic dentistry is rapidly growing in popularity here in the UK, as more people begin to appreciate the true value and benefits of an attractive smile. PS Dental Care in Soho offers an extensive range of aesthetic dental treatments, all of which begin with an appointment with a cosmetic dentist.

What a Soho cosmetic dentist can do

A cosmetic dentist likes nothing more than making patients’ smile dreams come true. When you come into our Soho dental practice for a consultation, your dentist will spend time finding out your personal likes and dislikes about your current smile, as well as what your ideal smile would look like.

Your dentist will also conduct a thorough clinical examination in order to find the best course of treatment to suit your needs. This may involve a single procedure from our Soho clinic’s extensive cosmetic dentistry menu, or a combination of two or more.

Whatever your requirements, your dentist will provide you with a detailed and fully customised treatment plan, including the order and length of any procedures, and a projection of costs.

Popular cosmetic dental treatments at our Soho clinic include:

Teeth whitening

The most popular treatment in the world of cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening is a fast, safe, and reliable way of enhancing your smile by removing common stains. It is a legal requirement that a dentist carries out whitening.

Teeth straightening

At our Soho clinic we use Invisalign, a series of clear, removable aligners, to improve the position of adults’ teeth.

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