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Dental implants: a guide to permanently replacing lost teeth

Dental implants are the only permanent way a dentist can replace your missing teeth. At PS Dental Care in Soho dental implants can be used to replace anything from one to all of your natural teeth, giving you back an aesthetically appealing smile and all the functionality of natural teeth.

The key thing to remember about dental implants is that they are not so much replacement teeth as replacement tooth roots. Indeed, they are the only substitute for natural tooth roots, which is beneficial to the health of your jaw bone as well as for keeping a crown, bridge, or denture in place.

PS Dental Care in Soho is a trusted provider of dental implants, and our implant dentists have carried out scores of successful dental implant treatments.

Your journey back to oral health begins with an implant consultation here at our Soho dental practice. During this consultation your dentist will use CT scans and x-rays to determine your current level of bone density.

It is a loss of density in the jaw bone that makes traditional dentures lose their comfortable fit. This is a common problem experienced by the vast majority of denture wearers, and one which can be solved by having dental implants placed at our Soho clinic.

Your dentist will determine how many dental implants you will need. Whilst in the case of a single tooth replacement you will require one implant and one crown, when it comes to multiple tooth replacement the good news is that a series of carefully placed dental implants can support a several teeth in bridge or denture form. In other words, you won’t need as many dental implants as teeth.

Most patients at our Soho practice only need local anaesthetic for implant placement. As soon as the implants are in place they will begin to integrate with your jaw bone, keeping it healthy and strong.

The integration process takes a few months to fully complete, during which time your Soho dentist may fit temporary teeth so you won’t be left toothless.

Once your new teeth are attached to your implants, they should last you for many years.

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