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How the dentist can help you at different stages of life

It’s important to visit the dentist regularly to maintain your oral and general health. PS Dental Care in Soho offers a full range of general and preventative dental treatments, as well as an extensive number of cosmetic procedures, and welcomes new patients of all ages.

Just like with general health, people tend to experience different dental health concerns depending on what stage of life they are at. Your Soho dentist will provide you with fully customised treatment to suit your needs, no matter what they may be.

Children’s teeth

Children need to visit the dentist from a young age to learn how to look after their teeth as they grow up. Fissure sealants and fluoride varnish can help strengthen and protect teeth, whilst early indications of potential orthodontic problems can also be spotted and treated quickly.

Pregnant women

Pregnant women are more prone to a range of dental health concerns caused by hormonal changes in the body and as a side-effect of conditions such as severe morning sickness, which can cause enamel erosion of the teeth.

At our Soho dental practice your dentist can help to manage conditions such as pregnancy gingivitis and pregnancy granuloma, as well as helping to tackle tooth erosion.

Adults with cosmetic concerns

An increasing number of adults are seeking out the services of a cosmetic dentist to improve the appearance of their smile. PS Dental Care in Soho offers a full range of cosmetic dental treatments designed to combat problems such as tooth staining, tooth alignment, and gummy smiles.

Adults with reduced immune systems

Conditions that affect the immune system can make problems such as gum disease worse. Regular visits to your Soho dentist will help you to treat and manage these conditions.

Older people

Tooth loss can happen at any age, but is most common in the older generation. Our Soho dental practice offers tooth replacements dental implants, which your dentist can use to permanently stabilise your dentures or to replace one to a few teeth when combined with a crown or bridge. If you wear traditional dentures, we can help avoid common issues such as oral thrush.

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