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The many ways a dentist can repair and restore a broken tooth

It happens; teeth get broken – a dentist should be called straight away. PS Dental Care in Soho offers a number of ways to repair broken or otherwise damaged teeth, designed to blend in with the natural colour of your teeth so that the results will be as aesthetically appealing as they are strong and practical.

What your Soho dentist can do

The action your Soho dentist will take will depend on a number of factors, including what caused the tooth to break, how bad the damage is, where in the mouth the affected tooth is located, and the general condition of your oral health.

It’s very important to see a dentist as soon as possible after a tooth is damaged, to prevent the situation from getting any worse. Depending on how your tooth is to be restored, your dentist may be able to complete it in a single appointment at our Soho clinic, or you may need to come back for a second appointment in order to fully complete the procedure.

White fillings

We don’t use metal amalgam fillings at PS Dental in Soho, so if you need a filling anywhere in your mouth then you can rest assured that it will be tooth-coloured. Modern white fillings are very strong and durable, and suitable for the restoration of most teeth.

Composite bonding

For damage to the front teeth, your dentist may elect to use composite bonding. This involves using white filling material to rebuild your tooth (after some preparatory work) in order to make it look like it was never damaged. Again, the shade of composite material used will be closely matched to the natural colour of your teeth.


Crowns are used when a tooth needs a great deal of restoration and reinforcement. This can happen if a tooth is severely decayed, or has been previous weakened by root canal treatment. Modern crowns are often made of tooth-coloured porcelain or ceramic set on a precious metal base.

Whatever the cause of your tooth damage, at PS Dental in Soho your dentist will find the perfect solution.


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