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How your Soho dentist can restore your smile

A dentist has numerous aesthetically pleasing ways in which to restore your smile. PS Dental Care in Soho offers a wide range of restorative and cosmetic dental treatments, and every option will be individually tailored to suit your personal requirements.

Our teeth go through a lot in life, meaning that they can become discoloured, stained, or damaged easily. When you come into our Soho dental practice for a consultation, your dentist will undertake a thorough clinical examination to diagnose your problem, and will then talk you through all the relevant procedures at our Soho clinic, before creating a fully customised treatment plan.

Common smile concerns, and how your Soho dentist can help

Broken teeth

With all the precautions in the world, teeth can still get broken through accident and injury. Sometimes this requires a visit to the emergency dentist at our Soho practice – in any case, even mild chips and breakages should prompt you to see the dentist as soon as possible to minimise the chances of a painful infection occurring.

We have numerous restorative options available at our Soho clinic. The best option will depend on:

  • The location of the affected tooth/teeth

  • The type and amount of damage

  • Your general oral health

  • Your personal preference, when possible

Methods of restoring teeth include:

  • Composite bonding

  • Crowns

  • White fillings

  • Porcelain veneers

Discoloured or stained teeth

Our teeth are easily stained by a number of lifestyle factors, and the first thing your Soho dentist will do is to determine the nature of your tooth discolouration.

Teeth whitening is a safe and effective way to remove everyday stains, as long as a dentist provides the treatment. Permanent stains can be masked by porcelain veneers or composite bonding.

Crooked, crowded, and misaligned teeth

PS Dental Care in Soho uses the popular Invisalign discreet tooth straightening treatment to improve the alignment of adults’ teeth. Your dentist will prescribe the required series of clear, removable aligners, which are invisible to the untrained eye in everyday life.

Missing teeth

Missing teeth should always be replaced. At our clinic we offer cosmetic bridges, dentures, and for maximum stability dental implants to replace lost natural teeth.


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