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Why dental implants?

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

Here at PS Dental Care, Soho, dental implants are growing in popularity every day. We all look in the mirror from time to time and notice things we could change. Dental implants are used to replace missing or damaged teeth, using modern technology to provide the most contemporary and up to date way of fixing your smile.

Dental implants in Soho are designed to function just as a real tooth would. We fix a titanium screw directly into the jawbone and allow your bone to fuse to the screw. This creates seamless join replicating that of a normal tooth.

Dental implants in Soho

We keep our standards high by only using the most up to date of technologies, to ensure our clients get an exceptional service from our highly trained and dynamic team of dentists and hygienists.

What are the benefits?

We offer services on not just missing single teeth, but multiple teeth too. Your worries and sleepless nights about your smile can be over with dental implants in Soho.

Dental implants also offer the only restoration technique that can stimulate the growth of bone, encouraging bone growth, and preventing bone loss.

Dental implants are fused to your jaw, so gone are the days of dentures slipping around in your mouth, or keeping your teeth in a glass by the bed. There will be no more upset or embarrassment that your teeth could come loose at inappropriate times. You can laugh, smile and live your life to the full having the security that your teeth cannot come lose.

An Extra bonus to dental implants, is not just the way your teeth will look at the end of the procedure, but the shape your face will regain. Missing teeth can lead to a sagging of the face, often giving a sunken appearance, that can be fixed with dental implants. Soho dental practice, PS Dental Care, can give you back your natural defined face shape.

Another bonus of dental implants is the fact that an implanted tooth cannot get cavities! Our replacement teeth, bridge or crowns don’t decay like a normal tooth. Providing your look after your teeth, brushing and flossing, our implants could last you a lifetime.

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