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What is important to you when it comes to dental care?

Everyone is different and has different needs. At PS Dental Care, we want to see as many people as possible and help them with their teeth and their smile. This is why we offer a broad range of services to help meet as many needs as possible. Here are some of the things you can expect when you visit the dentist in Soho at our clinic.

cosmetic-dentistry-in-sohoA friendly service

For many people, visiting the dentist is a daunting experience. Even if you are someone that does not mind so much, making a dental appointment is often repeatedly pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. We want to see you for regular check-ups or at any time you feel you have a concern and we make the experience of visiting our clinic as pleasant as possible so that you are more likely to prioritise your visits. This starts with a professional and friendly service so that you feel taken care of and listened to by everyone from our receptionist to any member of our dental team.

State-of-the-art technology

The latest technology means that, not only that we can offer you comfortable and effective services, but also that we are continuing to develop our practice to meet the growing needs of the dental patient. Our staff are diligent about continuous professional development and this has a knock on effect of benefiting you as one of our patients.

We want to offer you fast and aesthetically pleasing options for your dental care and so are always looking for methods that improve in these areas as well. Talk to you dentist in Soho about anything you are curious about and they will be happy to explain in as much details as you need.

Cosmetic dentistry

Your dentist in Soho at PS Dental is not just for maintenance or repair although we pride ourselves on these services. We also know that people want options when it comes to making their smile bright, even and sparkling. Our range includes teeth whitening, dental implants, polishing and veneers to name just a few. Our dentists will always be happy to discuss our options with you and give guidance on the effects and longevity of each as well as the process involved and the cost.

Why dental implants?

Here at PS Dental Care, Soho, dental implants are growing in popularity every day. We all look in the mirror from time to time and notice things we could change. Dental implants are used to replace missing or damaged teeth, using modern technology to provide the most contemporary and up to date way of fixing your smile.

Dental implants in Soho are designed to function just as a real tooth would. We fix a titanium screw directly into the jawbone and allow your bone to fuse to the screw. This creates seamless join replicating that of a normal tooth.

dental-implants-in-sohoWe keep our standards high by only using the most up to date of technologies, to ensure our clients get an exceptional service from our highly trained and dynamic team of dentists and hygienists.

What are the benefits?

We offer services on not just missing single teeth, but multiple teeth too. Your worries and sleepless nights about your smile can be over with dental implants in Soho.

Dental implants also offer the only restoration technique that can stimulate the growth of bone, encouraging bone growth, and preventing bone loss.

Dental implants are fused to your jaw, so gone are the days of dentures slipping around in your mouth, or keeping your teeth in a glass by the bed. There will be no more upset or embarrassment that your teeth could come loose at inappropriate times. You can laugh, smile and live your life to the full having the security that your teeth cannot come lose.

An Extra bonus to dental implants, is not just the way your teeth will look at the end of the procedure, but the shape your face will regain. Missing teeth can lead to a sagging of the face, often giving a sunken appearance, that can be fixed with dental implants. Soho dental practice, PS Dental Care, can give you back your natural defined face shape.

Another bonus of dental implants is the fact that an implanted tooth cannot get cavities! Our replacement teeth, bridge or crowns don’t decay like a normal tooth. Providing your look after your teeth, brushing and flossing, our implants could last you a lifetime.

We want to help you look after your smile

Your teeth are precious and your smile is worth looking out for. We want to help you do that and think you will be happy as a patient at our dentist in Soho. At PS Dental care, we offer a wide range of services to help you monitor, repair or even improve your smile.

dental-treatments-in-sohoStep up your smile game

Visiting the dentist in Soho can be for anything from a check up to a more long term treatment. You will be offered the latest in dental technology and will see that we work in partnership with some of the top dental brands.

If you want to improve your look or restore your teeth to their natural brilliance then we offer a range of cosmetic dentistry to achieve this including teeth whitening to give you back that sparkle, porcelain veneers to help with chips, crack or gaps and Invisalign braces to gently realign your teeth without traditional metal tracks.

For restorative dentistry, we offer crowns, a range of implants and bridges and we can assure you of mercury free dentistry.

We also offer attention to the outside of your face to complete your look with facial aesthetics including botox.

These are just a few of the services we offer. For more information or to ask any questions, we can be contacted through our website or just give us a call. One of our team will be happy to help.

PS Dental Care, Soho- Dentist

Book a consultation today to see our dentist in Soho – we will give you all the information you need envision what you would like to achieve and make informed choices.

We know that it is important to get the right advice before treatment, excellent and detailed care during treatment and attentive after care as well.

Taking care of your teeth and any work that you may have is an important part of your life and we can give you advice on how to do this, equipment you might use and tips on how to make things easier, more convenient and more effective.

Each time you visit us, we want to be sure you have a great experience and that you are treated in a way that makes you feel informed, comfortable and able to trust in the advice and services that we can provide.

The convenience of dental implants in Soho, London

If you commute into London, to work in and around Oxford Street, then PS Dental Care can offer you the convenience of dental implants in Soho, within minutes of your workplace.

PS Dental Care, in the heart of Soho, is within two minutes walk of two tube stations, and numerous bus routes. Our highly trusted dentists use only the latest in dental technologies and equipment, and listen carefully to their patients’ dental needs.

Dental implants in Soho are a lasting way of replacing one or more missing teeth. Many commuters find it is helpful to use a dental implant dentist in Soho for this treatment, rather than having to return to their home town each time they need to attend the dentist for the next stage of their dental implant treatment. The simplest of implants will take three visits.

dental-implants-in-sohoThe first is a consultation, during which the dentist will closely examine the mouth for other oral health issues, and to make sure the mouth and jaw can take implants. Once this has been established, the dentist works out a written treatment plan, and the procedure can begin.

The second stage is fitting the dental implants. Dental implants, which continue to be the solution of choice for people with missing teeth, are tiny posts which are screwed into the jaw bone, filling the gap left by the root of the tooth that was lost.

This is a surgical procedure, and the next stage is several weeks of healing for the gums and bone. During this important stage of the process, the bone tissue in the jaw grows around the tooth, anchoring it securely into the jaw.

Once healing is far enough advanced, stage four of the dental implant treatment process is the fitting of custom-made artificial teeth, dentures or bridges, depending on the number of teeth that need to be replaced.

These ceramic artificial teeth will have been made especially for the patient. Great care is taken to match the new teeth with the colour and shape of the patient’s natural teeth. Once fitted, the new teeth can be treated just like natural teeth. And as dental implants are remarkably durable, many patients find they even forget they have them.

Receive great dental care with a Soho dentist

Do you want to look great when exploring the restaurants, bars and clubs of trendy Soho? PS Dental Care can contribute towards your stylish look, with treatments that will give you a dazzling smile. The Soho dentist offers cosmetic treatment such as: dental implants, which are used to replace missing teeth, Invisalign braces which are popular with adults as they’re clear braces that can be removed, and are a great way to straighten out those teeth without interrupting your lifestyle. PS Dental Care also offer teeth whitening so you can show off those straight teeth, and really polish off that stylish look when exploring Soho. Dentist Antonis Pisiaras, one of the principles of PS Dental Care, has received nominations at the Prestigious Smile Awards 2012 for his excellence in dentistry. Antonisis available at the clinic to help you look your best by providing you with a worthy smile.

dental-care-in-soho-dentistCelebs in Soho

For those of you who are fans of celebrities: Star says that many famous people, including: Rita Ora, Harry Styles, and Tom Cruise are frequently spotted out and about in the clubs of Soho. So if you’re going to bump into the rich and famous when enjoying the Soho nightlife, make sure you feel confident,and ensure your teeth look great by visiting a Soho dentist beforehand to see what they can do for you, and to make sure that your smile is just as great as the celebs you bump into. Do you want beautiful straight teeth like Eva Longoria or Justin Bieber? According to Dynamic dental, both celebs have sported Invisalign braces in the past; Eva at age 36 (you’re never too old) and Justin when he was a teenager. Bieber endorsed the clear braces because of how unobtrusive they are, and how they were only spotted when he pointed them out.

Whatever the reasons you have for wanting to look your best; be it a wine and dine occasion, or to hobnob with the stars in hip clubs, speak to a Soho dentist at PS Dental Care to see what cosmetic treatments they can offer, to make you stand out in the crowd.

How can I reclaim my smile with Soho Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a way for many patients to reclaim their smile. The feeling of confidence that comes with having a full set of teeth is incomparable. This is the feeling that we aim to give all of our patients looking for dental implants in Soho. The procedure can be carried out under anaesthetic and could be more affordable than you think. Recent developments in dental implant technology mean that state of the art tooth technology is now available at a reasonable cost. In addition to this there are various payment plans available to patients to help spread the cost and make the feeling of confidence that comes with a full beaming smile a reality again for patients with a missing tooth or missing teeth.

dental-implants-in-sohoA dental implant is suitable for most patients who have enough bone in the jaw at the place where the implant is to be inserted, and even in some cases patients without bone could be suitable for a bone graft so it is really never too late! Patients interested in dental implant treatments should visit us at our practice in Soho. Dental implants are not only a great solution for the problem of missing teeth however, they are also made from titanium, which is the best material for the surrounding bone, and once implanted, the bone will fuse to the titanium implants forming a solid replacement root for your new prosthetic tooth.

What happens after I decide to opt for dental implants in Soho?

Once you make the decision to have dental implants, you will have a preliminary consultation where we will check suitability and also measure the dimensions of your mouth and likely take an X-ray in order to plan out where the implant will be fitted. After this initial session, you will come again for a session where the titanium implant is implanted into your jawbone, the crown may be added at the same time or it may be added later on during the 4-6 months required for healing after the surgery to place the implant into the jaw. Once your crown has been placed also, and the recovery period has passed, you can use your implanted tooth as you would a normal tooth and enjoy the freedom of restored dental health and function!

How a cosmetic dentist can quickly enhance your smile

A cosmetic dentist has many tricks up his or her sleeve designed to quickly improve the appearance of your smile. PS Dental Care in Soho believes that everyone deserves a beautiful, radiant smile of which they can be proud. If you are less than happy with the current appearance of yours, why not join us for a consultation at our Soho dental practice?

cosmetic-dentistry-sohoShockingly, nearly half (48%) of the UK population are dissatisfied with the way their smile looks. From discoloured teeth to misaligned teeth, excess gum tissue to gaps in their smile line, there are numerous reasons people decide to visit a cosmetic dentist.

Cosmetic dentistry is rapidly growing in popularity here in the UK, as more people begin to appreciate the true value and benefits of an attractive smile. PS Dental Care in Soho offers an extensive range of aesthetic dental treatments, all of which begin with an appointment with a cosmetic dentist.

What a Soho cosmetic dentist can do

A cosmetic dentist likes nothing more than making patients’ smile dreams come true. When you come into our Soho dental practice for a consultation, your dentist will spend time finding out your personal likes and dislikes about your current smile, as well as what your ideal smile would look like.

Your dentist will also conduct a thorough clinical examination in order to find the best course of treatment to suit your needs. This may involve a single procedure from our Soho clinic’s extensive cosmetic dentistry menu, or a combination of two or more.

Whatever your requirements, your dentist will provide you with a detailed and fully customised treatment plan, including the order and length of any procedures, and a projection of costs.

Popular cosmetic dental treatments at our Soho clinic include:

Teeth whitening

The most popular treatment in the world of cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening is a fast, safe, and reliable way of enhancing your smile by removing common stains. It is a legal requirement that a dentist carries out whitening.

Teeth straightening

At our Soho clinic we use Invisalign, a series of clear, removable aligners, to improve the position of adults’ teeth.

How your Soho dentist can restore your smile

A dentist has numerous aesthetically pleasing ways in which to restore your smile. PS Dental Care in Soho offers a wide range of restorative and cosmetic dental treatments, and every option will be individually tailored to suit your personal requirements.

broken-teethOur teeth go through a lot in life, meaning that they can become discoloured, stained, or damaged easily. When you come into our Soho dental practice for a consultation, your dentist will undertake a thorough clinical examination to diagnose your problem, and will then talk you through all the relevant procedures at our Soho clinic, before creating a fully customised treatment plan.

Common smile concerns, and how your Soho dentist can help

Broken teeth

With all the precautions in the world, teeth can still get broken through accident and injury. Sometimes this requires a visit to the emergency dentist at our Soho practice – in any case, even mild chips and breakages should prompt you to see the dentist as soon as possible to minimise the chances of a painful infection occurring.

We have numerous restorative options available at our Soho clinic. The best option will depend on:

  • The location of the affected tooth/teeth
  • The type and amount of damage
  • Your general oral health
  • Your personal preference, when possible

Methods of restoring teeth include:

  • Composite bonding
  • Crowns
  • White fillings
  • Porcelain veneers

Discoloured or stained teeth

Our teeth are easily stained by a number of lifestyle factors, and the first thing your Soho dentist will do is to determine the nature of your tooth discolouration.

Teeth whitening is a safe and effective way to remove everyday stains, as long as a dentist provides the treatment. Permanent stains can be masked by porcelain veneers or composite bonding.

Crooked, crowded, and misaligned teeth

PS Dental Care in Soho uses the popular Invisalign discreet tooth straightening treatment to improve the alignment of adults’ teeth. Your dentist will prescribe the required series of clear, removable aligners, which are invisible to the untrained eye in everyday life.

Missing teeth

Missing teeth should always be replaced. At our clinic we offer cosmetic bridges, dentures, and for maximum stability dental implants to replace lost natural teeth.

The many ways a dentist can repair and restore a broken tooth

It happens; teeth get broken – a dentist should be called straight away. PS Dental Care in Soho offers a number of ways to repair broken or otherwise damaged teeth, designed to blend in with the natural colour of your teeth so that the results will be as aesthetically appealing as they are strong and practical.

What your Soho dentist can do

restore-broken-teethThe action your Soho dentist will take will depend on a number of factors, including what caused the tooth to break, how bad the damage is, where in the mouth the affected tooth is located, and the general condition of your oral health.

It’s very important to see a dentist as soon as possible after a tooth is damaged, to prevent the situation from getting any worse. Depending on how your tooth is to be restored, your dentist may be able to complete it in a single appointment at our Soho clinic, or you may need to come back for a second appointment in order to fully complete the procedure.

White fillings

We don’t use metal amalgam fillings at PS Dental in Soho, so if you need a filling anywhere in your mouth then you can rest assured that it will be tooth-coloured. Modern white fillings are very strong and durable, and suitable for the restoration of most teeth.

Composite bonding

For damage to the front teeth, your dentist may elect to use composite bonding. This involves using white filling material to rebuild your tooth (after some preparatory work) in order to make it look like it was never damaged. Again, the shade of composite material used will be closely matched to the natural colour of your teeth.


Crowns are used when a tooth needs a great deal of restoration and reinforcement. This can happen if a tooth is severely decayed, or has been previous weakened by root canal treatment. Modern crowns are often made of tooth-coloured porcelain or ceramic set on a precious metal base.

Whatever the cause of your tooth damage, at PS Dental in Soho your dentist will find the perfect solution.

Dental implants: a guide to permanently replacing lost teeth

Dental implants are the only permanent way a dentist can replace your missing teeth. At PS Dental Care in Soho dental implants can be used to replace anything from one to all of your natural teeth, giving you back an aesthetically appealing smile and all the functionality of natural teeth.

dental-implants-sohoThe key thing to remember about dental implants is that they are not so much replacement teeth as replacement tooth roots. Indeed, they are the only substitute for natural tooth roots, which is beneficial to the health of your jaw bone as well as for keeping a crown, bridge, or denture in place.

PS Dental Care in Soho is a trusted provider of dental implants, and our implant dentists have carried out scores of successful dental implant treatments.

Your journey back to oral health begins with an implant consultation here at our Soho dental practice. During this consultation your dentist will use CT scans and x-rays to determine your current level of bone density.

It is a loss of density in the jaw bone that makes traditional dentures lose their comfortable fit. This is a common problem experienced by the vast majority of denture wearers, and one which can be solved by having dental implants placed at our Soho clinic.

Your dentist will determine how many dental implants you will need. Whilst in the case of a single tooth replacement you will require one implant and one crown, when it comes to multiple tooth replacement the good news is that a series of carefully placed dental implants can support a several teeth in bridge or denture form. In other words, you won’t need as many dental implants as teeth.

Most patients at our Soho practice only need local anaesthetic for implant placement. As soon as the implants are in place they will begin to integrate with your jaw bone, keeping it healthy and strong.

The integration process takes a few months to fully complete, during which time your Soho dentist may fit temporary teeth so you won’t be left toothless.

Once your new teeth are attached to your implants, they should last you for many years.